THE INKLINGS - Language and Literature

The Inklings was the writing club originally formed by J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S.Lewis and their literary friends who all wanted the chance to hang out with other writers, be inspired and share their ideas about books - it's where Tolkien read the first draft of Lord of the Rings! Now it's the place your teens can come, stress-free, to revel in a fellowship of fiction, friendship and fun, and let their creative writing run free! The Inklings are all about getting together and indulging a mutual passion for literature and language.

Best of all - there's no pressure, no preparation, no homework, no recommended reading and no obligation to write anything to hand in or be marked... you're writing because you LOVE it. Come join the Fellowship!

THE TRONICS - Technology and Computer Science

The Tronics will focus on STEM subjects. The combined disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are often referred to as STEM. To meet the challenges of the future and ensure a prosperous Australia we need well-qualified and diverse STEM workforces and a STEM literate community ready to recognise and take full advantage of the opportunities that STEM provides.

The Tronics club members will be exposed to STEM subjects through fun and engaging  robotics challenges.These challenges are designed to promote creativity and innovation. The Tronics will use LEGO NXT robots to learn to complete hands-on inquiry-based challenges and apply programming and code writing skills to real world scenarios. They will investigate how robotic operations are designed, explore how technology affects our daily lives and learn how to document their findings along the way. The Tronics will cater for complete novices to experienced roboticists.





Who on earth would think that an old snail in a glass bottle would have anything to do with the law? Well the Legal Eagles would, and they’d be able to tell you why, too! The Legal Eagles explore a range of topics, from solving cold cases through forensics and criminology, to investigating many features of the legal system in Australia and around the world. At each meeting, the Legal Eagles encounter questions that will ignite an interest in the law.