Master Classes Online

Program Overview: Master Classes are designed for students in Years 7-9.              
A Master Class is a deep-dive into a topic that happens over 4 x 90-minute sessions. They encompass progressive skill building, continuous feedback and focused learning.

Master Class Fee: $192 for 4 x 90-min sessions

Open for Enrolments Now!

Title: Cyber Ninjas Arise Part 1: Learn Python and Linux for Cybersecurity
Year Level:
Years 6,7,8
Starts Friday 5 May 2023
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Title: Cyber Ninjas Arise Part 2: Cryptography and Encoding for Cybersecurity
Year Level: 
Years 6,7,8
Dates: Starts Thursday 2 June

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These programs have been created for gifted children and are pitched well in advance of your child’s chronological year level. It is very important that you only enrol your child in programs advertised for their current grade level.
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