WHAT is the G.A.T.E.WAYS Ignite program?

Students participate in two half-day workshops over the course of one day presented by specialist educators.

WHY would my students participate?

After two years of intermittent school closures, these workshops provide an opportunity to re-ignite the curiosity of your highly-able students. These enrichment workshops are designed to meet the specific needs of gifted and talented students. The workshops cover topics both above and beyond the school curriculum.

HOW will the program run?

The programs are run at a school with just their students. 

Ignite Program Information For Teachers

Term 2 - Ignite Calendars

VIC Ignite - Language & Literature

VIC Ignite - Maths & Science

QLD Ignite - Language & Literature

ACT Ignite - Maths & Science

NSW Ignite - Language & Literature

Term 3 - Ignite Calendars

VIC Ignite - Creative & Critical Thinking

VIC Ignite - Language & Literature

NSW Ignite - Creative & Critical Thinking

QLD Ignite - Mathematics - coming soon

ACT Ignite - Language & Literature - coming soon

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