When attending a day-long Eureka program, children participate in three hands-on workshops based on a theme. Each term the theme changes to focus on a different curriculum area. Previous themes have included ‘Curious Science,’ ‘You Can Count On Maths,’ ‘History Matters,’ ‘What Nonsense,’  'Secret Maths,' and 'Grossology.'

"Riley was wonderfully enthusiastic after this G.A.T.E.WAYS day - not just about the content but also about the opportunity to socialise and connect with other kids who were also unabashedly keen to find out more, just like him. Sounded like he was fully engaged all day, and loved every moment." Parent of Year 4 child

Only teachers can nominate students for a Eureka program through a school account by adding student names to the G.A.T.E.WAYS system.

If you require assistance please phone G.A.T.E.WAYS on 03 9894 2116 or 02 9940 0303

TERM 1: 'Science in Motion' ENROLLING SOON!

Click on the link below if you have attended our Science in Motion! workshops and would like more information and resources.



  • Engineering
  • Animal defence mechanisms
  • Chromatography
  • Working as a history detective
  • Propulsion experiment
  • Curious science
  • Experimenting!
  • investigating the science of blood
  • Observations on light
  • Nanotechnology workshop
  • Such concentration
  • Labelling parts of the brain
  • The science of bubbles 1
  • Brain science 1
  • The science of bubbles 2
  • The brain and memory
  • Game strategy
  • Game strategy prepare for battle 2
  • Giant cipher wheel 1
  • Game Strategy prepare for battle
  • Cipher Wheel - Secret maths
  • Giant cipher wheel
  • Maths and ciphers
  • Morse code device Secret Maths
  • Morse code
  • Dinosaur Feeding Frenzy - Secret Maths
  • Sydney Secret Maths 2
  • Shapes and solids of constant width
  • Sydney Secret Maths 3
  • Sydney Secret maths binary numbers
  • Sydney Secret Maths
  • Sending messages via morse code
  • Andrew introducing some Weird and Wacky Wonders of the Deep
  • Magic Pudding drama with Emily
  • Inventing and illustrating my own Just So story.
  • Grossology experiment
  • Disgusting Defences
  • Grossology
  • Grossology Lab
  • Gross Fluids
  • Keeping Busy
  • Grossology Lab 2
  • Grossology Experimentation
  • Grossology Sydney
  • Science of the Disgusting