Eureka is a Teacher Nominated program.  Parents of nominated students will receive a Nomination Letter from their school and use the links provided to enrol via our portal. 

Program Overview                         

  • Eureka is a day-long program based on a term theme.
  • Students participate in two half-day workshops over the course of the day.
  • Students work with like-minded peers from surrounding schools.

Program Details

  • Teacher nominated.
  • Runs through the school day
  • Students receive a G.A.T.E.WAYS workbook that will support and extend their learning in each workshop throughout the day.

"Riley was wonderfully enthusiastic after this G.A.T.E.WAYS day - not just about the content but also about the opportunity to socialise and connect with other kids who were also unabashedly keen to find out more, just like him. Sounded like he was fully engaged all day, and loved every moment." Parent of Year 4 child

QLD - Themes

Term 1 - Science Unravelled
Term 2 - Triumphs and Tragedies
Term 3 - Amazing Adventures In Maths
Term 4 - Critical and Creative Thinking

VIC -  Available Themes

Email melbourne@gateways,edu,au to book a date.

Eureka -  Critical and Creative Thinking
Eureka -  Maths/science
Eureka -  Language/literature
Eureka -  Technology/coding - coming soon!

NSW -  Available Themes

Email sappho@gateways,edu,au to book a date.

Eureka -
  Critical and Creative Thinking
Eureka -  Language/literature

If you require assistance please contact:
Melbourne Office: 03 9894 2116
Sydney Office: 02 9940 0303
Brisbane Office: 0427 701 568

  • Eureka 'Urgently Seeking Detectives'
  • Analysing fingerprints
  • Comparing Matches
  • Understanding tectonic plates
  • Sequencing DNA to find mutations
  • Preparing to test Ph