On Location programs take children out of the classroom and into different learning environments.

Budding scientists can learn all about light and important research at The Synchrotron; filmmakers can produce a short film or animation at The Australian Centre For the Moving Image; young composers can work with the latest computer software at Art Centre Melbourne’s Digital Hub; artistic students can develop their talents at the National Gallery of Victoria; animal lovers can enjoy programs at Werribee Open Range Zoo; keen young pilots can participate in programs on flight at an airport, whilst those with a passion for history might join an urban historian out in the field to learn about historical research at first hand. G.A.T.E.WAYS also offers a range of programs at the beautiful historic mansion Duneira, in Mt Macedon.

Videos of music composed and programmed by students for the Federation Bells:

Programming the Federation Bells   Programming the Federation Bells

Students Fencing at Fencing Victoria:

Years 3/4 Fencing

  • The electromagnet at the Synchrotron
  • Using a specrometer at the Synchrotron
  • Using Xrays at the end station lab at the Synchrotron
  • Student exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria
  • Awake the Writer Within at Duneira Estate
  • Beautiful gardens at Duneira
  • Student exhibition at the NGV
  • Exploring contemporary art at the NGV
  • My Place Now at the National Gallery of Victoria
  • My Place Now at the NGV
  • Student presentation on contemporary artwork
  • Students showing their work NGV
  • recording voice over for a story in the soundproof booth - ACMI
  • Programming the Federation Bells
  • My kitchen and garden art (still) rules 2
  • My kitchen and garden art (still) rules
  • My kitchen and garden art at Duneira Estate Mt Macedon
  • Imagined Lives 1
  • Ancient Worlds at the NGV
  • Learning proportion by observation - Imagined Lives
  • Imagined Lives at the National Gallery of Victoria
  • In costume at the gallery - Imagined Lives NGV
  • Magnificent Masters 2
  • Magnificent Masters 1
  • Magnificent Masters 3
  • Magnificent Masters 4
  • Magnificent Masters 5
  • Magnificent Masters 7
  • Magnificent Masters 6
  • Self portraits at the NGV
  • Magnificent Masters 8
  • In costume with masks - Imagined Lives
  • As pretty as a picture - Duneira
  • Andy Wharhol at the NGV
  • Art and celebrity at the NGV - the famous image of Marilyn Munroe
  • Ai WeiWei installation at the NGV
  • Beautiful still life - NGV
  • Activism Art Consumerism and Celebrity at the NGV
  • painting at Duneira Autumn 2016
  • painting at Duneira
  • careful work at Duneira
  • Art and consumerism NGV
  • watercolour at Duneira
  • self portrait NGV
  • Still life with flowers NGV
  • digital self portrait NGV
  • workshop at NGV