Introducing Brainwaves-Online

Brainwaves Online is a club where small groups of members participate in live and interactive online session with their club leader. This program is intended to provide access to gifted students outside the metropolitan area who do not usually have access to gifted programs. The online platform allows instant sharing of screens, computer code, whiteboard drawings and video files, thus making for a highly engaging environment where members get plenty of one on one attention.

ONLINE CLUBS Semester 2 2018

Tronics: Years 5, 6 and 7

Contact the G.A.T.E.WAYS office for information on how to enrol.

Brainwaves Clubs

The Club runs every second Saturday afternoon during the school term at:

  • Four venues in Melbourne; Alphington, Brighton, Essendon and Forest Hill
  • Three venues in Sydney; Bondi, Ryde and North Curl Curl and
  • One venue in Canberra.


Canberra Clubs - Semester 2
Canberra Grammar School


Forest Hill Clubs - Semester 2
Forest Hill Secondary College

Alphington Clubs - Semester 2
Alphington Grammar School

Brighton Clubs - Semester 2
Brighton Grammar School

Essendon Clubs - Semester 2

Lowther Hall

Semester 2 - Clubs for Years 7 and 8
Inklings - Brighton

Tronics - Brighton
Tronics - Forest Hill
Tronics - Essendon


North Curl Curl Clubs - Semester 2
Curl Curl North Public School

Bondi Clubs - Semester 2
Bondi Public School 

Ryde Clubs - Semester 2
Ryde Public School

  • It works!
  • Learning about gears
  • Making a simple machine
  • Brainwavers gathering at Ivanhoe
  • writing time at Tolkiens
  • Einsteins Mummification Closeup
  • Einsteins Mummifying Fish
  • Technokids programming Romo the Robot with an iPhone
  • Technokids doing some programming
  • SciSpies team challenge
  • SciSpies team challenge 2
  • Building and programming frogs in Technokids
  • Exploring circuits
  • Fingerprinting
  • Fun at Brainwaves
  • Did I really make that
  • Programming at Technokids
  • TechnoKids.. such concentration
  • Using microscopes
  • Dinomites investigate the science of bubbles
  • SciSpies lifting an icecube with string
  • What a huge bubble
  • Experimenting with the shape of bubble wands