IMAGINEERS - Language, Literature and Creative Expression

The Imagineers clubs are for children who demonstrate advanced language skills with a passion for reading and writing, as well as a love of drama and creative pursuits. Over the year, children may read, write and talk about books and learn more about literature. The members will explore different genres of writing, develop their vocabularies, communicate and debate and be exposed to philosophical discussion.

OMEGAS - Mathematics

Mathematics is exciting - it is the building block of nature, technology, information technology, architecture, art and music, in fact of everything around us. The study of mathematics develops children’s solving skills, logical thinking and involves whole brain function. Mathematically promising children approach mathematics as mathematicians do with a passion and appreciation for its beauty.They enjoy the challenge of discovering its patterns, and exploring formulas and devising their own formulas.

The Omegas club program offers an enriching opportunity for mathematically promising children to investigate how mathematics has developed throughout civilization, to explore new concepts, and discover new formulas, as well as experiment with formulas past down from ancient times and still applied today. Like real mathematicians the Omegas members will be involved in new discovering a wide variety of challenging concepts and applying these to different practical applications, satisfying their need for 'real mathematics.'

TECHNOKIDS - Technology

Do you like to know how things work? Do you love to invent and construct? Well then, TechnoKids is the club for you! TechnoKids will focus on all things cool and technical - robotics, electronics, programming, machine design and more! Using some great kits and other materials, members will create, construct, test and innovate as they investigate scientific principles and solve problems! 

TechnoKids members will learn to analyse, collaborate, persevere, take calculated risks and learn from their mistakes as they are challenged by some exciting design briefs

EINSTEINS - Science, Mathematics and Technology

Science is exciting – it helps explain the world as we know it and it provides us with a methodology to enhance our understanding of every aspect of the universe from the micro to the macro level. Highly able children are naturally curious - their search for knowledge and meaning, and their engagement with abstract ideas is well suited to the exploration of all areas of science, technology and mathematics.

The Einsteins club program offers a smorgasbord of hands-on learning across a range of sciences including physics, chemistry, biology, meteorology, astronomy, earth science and more, as well as some mathematics sessions. Along the way children will also have the opportunity to think and work like a scientist, proposing and testing their hypotheses via experimentation, observation and modification.  Extending and challenging members’ thinking is paramount.