Inspector Cal

Crime Scene Investigations for Upper Primary Students

 Meet Inspector Cal, a hard-working and inquisitive detective, with a caseload of crimes!

Join him on his quest for justice as he uses his knowledge to ‘crack’ each case!

 Written by Alison Brown and illustrated bySteve French.

Published by G.A.T.E.WAYS Publications.

 Cost per kit: $80.00 plus postage. A limited number only available.

 Now available on USB: $35.00 plus postage.

 CSI Mathematical is a maths enrichment unit designed to reinforce and extend students’ understanding of the key mathematical concepts covered in the upper primary curriculum. Incorporating 11 Crime Scenes Investigations, this unit was written as part of the G.A.T.E.WAYS Eureka series in 2006, and trialled on over 1600 gifted students. It has been run as a competition with whole class groups, and used as an individual enrichment unit for home study.

 The CSI Mathematical Kit comprises:

  • 11 coloured crime scene scenarios. In order to solve each scenario the students have to do maths calculations in a range of mathematical areas:
    • angles
    • conversions
    • decimal fractions
    • fractions
    • graphing
    • measuremen
    • mixed operations
    • percentage
    • ratio
    • problem solving and logic
    • shapes
  • 11 coloured tip sheets - giving information about all the above areas of maths
  • 11 coloured answer posters - answers and workings
  • A complete Teachers’ Manual
  • 4 student workbooks. 
  • A set of 40 stickers - enough for 4 students.

 Any of these items may be ordered separately.                    

 At this stage orders are not available online. To order please complete the order form and email it to  or fax it to 03 9894 2117