What a mystery - Inspector Cal

Mathematical Mysteries for Middle Primary Students

Come and join Inspector Cal, a hard-working and inquisitive detective, as he tries to solve a series of mysteries. 

Written by Alison Brown, illustrated by Steve French, published by G.A.T.E.WAYS Publications.

Cost per kit: $80.00 plus postage. A limited number only available.

Now available on USB: $35.00 plus postage.

SUPER SLEUTH is a maths enrichment unit designed to reinforce and extend students’ understanding of the key mathematical concepts covered in the middle primary curriculum. Incorporating 11 mystery scenarios, this unit was written as part of the G.A.T.E.WAYS Festival of Workshops in 2007, and trialled with various groups of gifted students and general classroom groups both in Victoria and interstate. It has been run as a competition with whole class and small groups, and used as an individual enrichment unit for home study.

The SUPER SLEUTH Kit comprises:

  • 11 coloured Mystery Scenarios (including a practice scenario) 
  • 11 Tip Sheets
  • 11 detailed answer sheets
  • 4 student workbooks
  • 1 page of adhesive stickers (badges)
  • A complete Teacher’s Manual containing:

Additional or replacement student workbooks and sticker sheets can be ordered separately.

At this stage orders are not available online. To order please complete the order form and email it to info@gateways.edu.auor fax it to 03 9894 2117