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This book has been especially designed for middle school students (Years 5 – 8) who love a challenge and who have a keen interest in mathematics, codes and secrets. The chapters cover many aspects of mathematics as well as some interesting historical information. Each chapter introduces a new topic and has a new puzzle to solve. Each puzzle has certain clues, and a coded message. Students use the mathematics they have just learnt to help crack the code, and solve the puzzle.

Topics Include:

  • Binary Numbers 
  • Perfect Numbers 
  • Square Numbers
  • Clock Arithmetic 
  • Prime Factorization 
  • Square Roots
  • Fibonacci Numbers 
  • Prime Numbers 
  • Topology
  • Golden Ratio Sequences 
  • Triangular Numbers
  • Infinity 
  • Sets and Numbers

Join Professor Fibbernacho and his wise assistant, Sophie the owl, and see if you can solve his perplexing puzzles!

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