Albert Einstein believed that imagination is more important than knowledge. At DinoMites, developing imagination, creativity and thinking is at the heart of all we do. Hands-on learning and experimentation are also fundamental. As we explore a broad range of themes, concepts and ideas, the DinoMites will be immersed in a rich learning experience spanning a range of curriculum areas- science, maths, language, technology, philosophy, creative arts and more.

The program will allow for flexible learning styles and will encourage the development of higher level language, thinking and communication skills.

Canberra 2018

Canberra DinoMites - Semester 2

Melbourne 2018

Alphington DinoMites -  Semester 2 
Brighton DinoMites - Semester 2 - FULL
Essendon DinoMites - Semester 2
Forest Hill DinoMites - Semester 2

Sydney 2018

Bondi DinoMites - Semester 2
Ryde DinoMites - Semester 2
Nth Curl Curl DinoMites - Semester 2