We live in an exciting time. Technology is progressing at a rate that very few of us can comprehend and there is a shift away from more traditional workplaces to ones where employees ride scooters around the building and are mandated to play video games during their lunch break. Society requires entrepreneurs, creative people with ideas who are not afraid to take risks. That is the essence of the Da Vincis. We take risks. We look at what has been done before, analyse it and build something better. We learn to understand complex principles and work collaboratively to problem solve tasks that would normally be saved for those many years older.

Melbourne 2017

Alphington Da Vincis - Semester 1 - FULL
Brighton Da Vincis - Semester 1 - FULL
Essendon Da Vincis - Semester 1 - FULL

Alphington Da Vincis - Semester 2
Brighton Da Vincis - Semester 2
Essendon Da Vincis - Semester 2
Forest Hill Da Vincis - Semester 2

Sydney 2017

North Sydney Da Vincis - Semester 1

North Sydney Da Vincis - Semester 2


Science is exciting – it helps explain the world as we know it and it provides us with a methodology to enhance our understanding of every aspect of the universe from the micro to the macro level. Highly able children are naturally curious - their search for knowledge and meaning, and their engagement with abstract ideas is well suited to the exploration of all areas of science, technology and mathematics.

The Einsteins club program offers a smorgasbord of hands-on learning across a range of sciences including physics, chemistry, biology, meteorology, astronomy, earth science and more, as well as some mathematics sessions. Along the way children will also have the opportunity to think and work like a scientist, proposing and testing their hypotheses via experimentation, observation and modification.  Extending and challenging members’ thinking is paramount.

Canberra 2017

Canberra Einsteins - Semester 1 - FULL

Canberra Einsteins - Semester 2

Melbourne 2017

Alphington Einsteins Semester 1 - FULL
Brighton Einsteins Semester 1 - FULL
Essendon Einsteins Semester 1 - FULL

Alphington Einsteins - Semester 2
Brighton Einsteins - Semester 2
Essendon Einsteins - Semester 2
Forest Hill Einsteins - Semester 2 *NEW*

Sydney 2017

North Sydney Einsteins - Semester 1 - FULL
Ryde Einsteins - Semester 1 - FULL

North Sydney Einsteins - Semester 2
Ryde Einsteins - Semester 2


Development of children's written and oral skills as well as their creativity and imaginations is central to the Tolkiens program. The springboard for this is largely through the study of literature and other types of writing. Club members will explore a range of texts from poetry to novel, and from scripts to newspapers. Through the exploration of themes and issues, through focusing on the rich and complex language of literature, and by analysing and reflecting on how different writers develop plot, character, place, as well as use symbol and metaphor, club members are encouraged to refine and extend their own skills.

Canberra 2017

Canberra Tolkiens - Semester 1 - FULL

Canberra Tolkiens - Semester 2

Melbourne 2017

Alphington Tolkiens Semester 1 - FULL
Brighton Tolkiens Semester 1

Alphington Tolkiens - Semester 2
Brighton Tolkiens - Semester 2

Sydney 2017

Ryde Tolkiens Semester 1
North Sydney Tolkiens Semester 1

North Sydney Tolkiens - Semester 2
Ryde Tolkiens - Semester 2